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Perfect for catching a cheating spouse, monitoring and proctecting kids online.
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SpyPal Keylogger Spy



SpyPal Keylogger Spy is the best PC keystroke logging spy software!

SpyPal Keylogger Spy can secretly record all keystrokes typed on a computer keyboard, which may include login user names, passwords, chats, emails, documents and other secrets. SpyPal Keylogger Spy records all users on any Windows computer as long as they log in system. The software is invisible to computer users and it works silently. Everything will be recorded without being detected.

You can check all recorded data by simply receiving emails or opening a web page remotely. You can view all records in the software's control panel directly, export logged data as HTML files to a directory for later analysis, or send a report to a pre-set email address / ftp. SpyPal Keylogger Spy is especially useful for administrators or parents, who need to know what exactly their employees or kids are doing online.

SpyPal Keylogger Spy is invisible to computer users. However, it is very easy for you, the administrator, to use your custom hotkey to unhide it from the Stealth Mode. The hotkey is ONLY available in your only Windows user account so that other users won't be able to guess it by enumerating key combinations. And the program access can also be protected by password.

Key Features:

* Logs all keystrokes typed on a computer keyboard
* Runs absolutely invisibly under Windows systems and does not show in Windows task list
* Uses login password and hotkey to protect the program
* Starts monitoring automatically with Windows startup
* Its user-friendly interface is very easy to understand and use