SpyPal spy software
Home PC Monitoring
Perfect for catching a cheating spouse, monitoring and proctecting kids online.
Office PC Monitoring
Know exactly what are your employees doing online in office by checking emails.
Thinkertec Affiliate Program


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Increase sales worldwide as an affiliate! Join the largest digital network: 85,500 partners and growing.

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• Offer Buy Now Titles using text or graphic links. Cookies track traffic and sales so that you get paid even if a customer buys later.

• Offer Try & Buy Titles RegNow hosts for you. You receive credit when the customer makes their purchase.

Collect commission checks every month.

Choose your preferred payment method and get paid for every product you sell.

Our Affiliate Program makes sure you get credit for every sale.

Our certification program requires MyCommerce tracking for all sales on their sites — even within trial products.

You can also use Link ID technology to track specific partners, special offers or even individual customers.

Use built-in tools to encourage sales.

As an affiliate you can discount products up to your commission rate. You can also add our banners, text links and graphics to build on our brand loyalty. Create strong relationships with us to grow our business and generate more profit for yourself.

Use advanced customization to brand your cart.

Affiliates can use RegNow style editor and themes to customize shopping carts to reflect your brands and web sites.

Detailed reports help you make informed decisions.

You can easily look to see how your program is doing that month, drill down to see how a particular product is performing, or review products sold, affiliate traffic, order summary, geographical sales and more. The details are all there for you to easily review.

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