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Keep tabs on the user's PC & Internet activities remotely, anytime, anywhere. Get reported from cloud dashboard in real-time.
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Protect your children's internet safety
Monitor your kids' social network website usage, protect them from online predators and cyber-bullying, keep them away from drug and alcohol abuse. Help your kids develop a healthier relationship with social media. Parents should stay involved in their children's digital world, know the apps they use, use parental controls and report people who make them feel uncomfortable.
Increase employee productivity
Monitor your employees' PC usage in workplace. Corporate surveillance is a common practice at present days. Even a few minutes of non-work related Internet surfing each day can cause massive production loss for any enterprises. Keep an eye on how much work is actually going on. Prevent confidential data leaking, productivity loss and company revenue declining. Employee monitoring can be a big help to check whether the staff is doing their work properly or not.
Record all keystrokes typed on their keyboards
Take snapshots of their computer screens periodically like a surveillance camera
Record all websites and applications they open
Record web searches performed in popular search engines
Record copied text data in system clipboard
Record files and directories created, deleted and moved
Record all internet connections established on the PC
Run in background and perform monitoring secretly
View log reports on your private online dashboard remotely
What is SpyPal Cloud?

SpyPal is a cloud based PC monitoring software for parents and employers. It protects your children's internet safety by monitoring and recording all their PC activities and reporting to you in your private online dashboard. It works like a cyberspace guardian as long as your kids are using their computers online. It secretly records all their keystrokes typed on the keyboards, all the websites including those social media sites they surf, all the programs like dating apps they use, all the texts they copied to system clipboard. It also takes screenshots of the PC Desktop like a security camera pointing at the screen.

As a covert surveillance software, it works secretly in system background after Stealth Mode is started. The monitored user won't know its existence unless you tell them in person. SpyPal syncronizes all the logs to your personal Thinkertec cloud account hourly, which enable you keep a close eye on your kids anytime anywhere. SpyPal is very easy to use even for beginners with the graphical and intuitive user interface. You can also get step-by-step guidance from its online manual and start to use it quickly.

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